I have upgraded to OSX Maverics recently since I needed java 7 SDK support, which is not available to Snow Leopard, which I was happily using for quite a while. Snow Leopard was fast, reliable, a true pleasure to use. I was cautious about upgrading to Lion because have had numerous complains. However I had to face the change and thought, well maybe they fixed all the wrongs in Maverics. Oh boy I was wrong... Apart from killing the speed of my MacBook Pro 2009 there are numerous annoying features that came with it.

I recently discovered that my Contacts are no longer synching. After some research on the Internet I have found that Apple removed Contacts/Calendars synching from iTunes purposefully, so that people would start using the iCloud. This got me really angry. I have an old iPhone 3 with iOS 4.2.1, which suits me just fine. There is no iCloud there - so what am I suppose to do? Buy new iPhone 5 just to be able to synch my contacts? ridiculous, is it not? I also saw several people suggesting workarounds like having time machine to restore old iTunes from when it had synching feature or downgrading iTunes to v.10, which is not for fainthearted. All alternative apps for iPhone that allow synching contacts are compatible for new versions of iOS and cost money. Utterly outrageous!

Anyway, I found a reliable way to synch contacts even though it is not ideal, but it helps for those in my situation:

1. Backup your iPhone as usual in iTunes (just in case you mess up)
2. Go to Contacts app on your OSX Maverics, select "All Contacts" then choose from menu "File > Export > Export vCard", which will generate *.vcf file
3. Email it to your account and open the file on iPhone
4. Click the "Add All XXX Contacts" and then press "Merge with Contacts"
5. If you have 300+ contacts like me it will take couple of minutes and then a message will appear that X contacts merged and X are new ones and will ask if you wish to add them.

This method is not ideal because you need to manage deletions manually but at least it does not involve miraculous software installs and does not cost any money.

Hope this helps.

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