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GeDA - Generic DTO Assembler Revision List:

2010-10-20 Stable v.1.0.3 (tagged in svn) - some enhancements to ValueConverterRepository

2010-09-28 Stable v.1.0.2 (tagged in svn) - added auto Dto binding feature

2010-09-12 Stable v.1.0.1 (tagged in svn) - fix for multi interface inheritance

2010-08-17 Stable v.1.0.0 (tagged in svn)

2010-07-12 Added DTOHelper tool that helps to manipulate on fields using Maps and Arrays

2010-06-18 Added @DtoMap annotation, so you can map map-to-collection and map-to-map.

                  NOTE: There was major refactoring, with sligth changes to annotaions API, so you may find small build breaks when you upgrade!

2010-06-16 Added batching for assembling a collection of dtos/entities + some refactoring on tests

2010-06-14 DtoParent annotation addition and refactoring of pipes to use pipe meta object

2010-03-01 Fixed NPE with null Entity properties and added some more validation on DataPipes

2010-01-31 Default field binding and inheritance of DTO' fix (now there is no need to specify value for annotation if your getters/setters match on DTO and Entity). This enhancement was added so that DTO with deep structure can be assembled on the fly. It is also recommended to have a bean factory for DTO's

2010-01-28 Collections support and enhanced bean factory management (added DTO factory injection).

2009-10-21 Few enhancements with value converters and bean factory injections. It is recommended to have some bean factory for your Entities so that GeDA can automatically construct deeply nested entities.

2009-10-08 Initial GeDA pilot that allows domain entities to flat DTO conversions

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