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Starter guide part 2: Copying SIM contacts

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I have been a happy user of Nokia N70 (tm) since 2004. I think it is one of the best models and in safe hands in can serve you a long time. I mean I would still be using it if I have not got my iPhone for birthday present. But here we are and I am faced with my second challenge of transferring contacts from N70 to iPhone(tm).

After searching the web for hours I still could not find any better solution than just to copy all contacts from N70 memory onto SIM and then from SIM to iPhone. This is because PC Suite (Nokia's synch app) does not come for MacBook's :-(, which is a big shame but nothing we can do about.

So once you have copied the contacts to SIM card you can transfer them onto iPhone.

1. Insert SIM card to iPhone

2. Open "Settings" app

3. Open "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

4. Scroll down to "Import SIM Contacts" button and press it. This may take some time (especially if you have already connected you iPhone to Mac/PC since I believe it synchronizes it on the fly (or straight after). It took me around 1min to synch 180 SIM contacts so be patient.

5. All you contacts should appear in the "Address Book" app.

BTW if your SIM contacts have the same name the iPhone joins them into one entity, which is quite a convenient enhancement.

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