WW ERP system


WW ERP is an system that is designed for medium and small sized businesses. The goal of the system is to provide an easy and secure access to critical business resources through web interface. 

The system allows various capabilities from tracking your stock, generating documents and vast search capabilities; to generation of reports, and business slicing.

Business slicing is a concept of controlling large company by sharing data between its departments but at the same time being in control of all data from one centralizing application. Thus the amount of knowledge that a user has about the company is defined by the privilleges assigned to them through access control panel.

Amongst main features of the system is:

* Financial control

* Stock control

* Transaction tracking

* Catalog management (PIM)

* Reporting

* Retail points web-interface

* Importing/Exporting via simple CSV

* Integration points with E-commerce systems

... and many more


WW ERP now has a production version 1.7.77. More information can be found on the wiki, or better yet watch our video courses on the wiki. Licensing information can be obtained by contacting us through this form.

A new version of ERP 2.0 (Raven) is now under development that aims to provide upgrades in speed, simplifications in user interface, security upgrade for better control over business slicing and many more...

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