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Documentation for version 3.3.x

Releases roadmap

Release Date Release notes 
YC 3.3.0 GA   Q4 2017 
YC 3.4.0 GA   Q1 2018 
  • Review and upgrade of all dependencies (Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, CXF, Wicket, payment gateways etc all major libraries will be upgraded to the most recent versions, expect Spring which will be kept at version 4). 
  • Hibernate Search to be replaced by pure Lucene. 
  • JAM usability improvement (big thanks to all our users for providing wonderful feedback
    full details
YC 3.5.0 GA   Q2 2018 TBC 
  • Platform modularization. 
  • Clustered environments improvements, persistence and full text index scalability
YC 3.6.0 GA   Q3 2018 TBC 
  • Storefront improvements (customer account area). 
  • Improvements to price management (especially B2B). 
  • CMS improvements. 

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