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Download installation

Click on the link to download demo store installation Windows, Mac and Linux Installer


Demo store installer is a quick and convenient way of acquaintance with Yes-Cart. It allows to become familiar with Yes-Cart management and storefront features and realise the full potential of the platform.

It should be notes that we do not recommend demo installation to be used in production. It is strongly advisable to make manual installation to production and staging environments in accordance to security and best practices guidelines of the underlying operating system.

Mac tips
  • On Mac if you get a warning that the installer.jar is from unidentified developer. Open your Settings > Security & Privacy and click "Open Anyway"
  • Due to how izpack works on Mac there are no shortcuts generated. You should navigate to $YC_HOME/yesbin using Terminal and use to start the server and to shutdown the server

System requirements

Any modern computer is able to run Yes-Cart demo store.

Requirements Options Note
OS Windows 7,8
Linux SuSE, Fedora core
Disk 1 Gb free disk space  
RAM 1 Gb RAM This is a bare minimum for unclustered single store installation
Java 1.8.x+ and higher version  
Browser Any latest version of Chome, Firefox, IE or Safari with latest stable Flash  
Adobe acrobat 5.0 and higher To view reports

No additional web servers or databases reqired to run demo store. 

Environment settings

Recommended to set following env variables.

Variable Example setting Optional
JAVA_HOME JAVA_HOME=d:\jdk1.6.0_22
JAVA_OPTS JAVA_OPTS=-Xms256m -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m
JAVA_HOME is mandatory variable
It is highly advisable to set * JAVA_OPTS* with memory settings to prevent out of memory errors. We recommend at least 1GB for the installer.
If you have CATALINA_HOME variable please reset it to root of installed demo
For example:
D:\yes-cart-demo\bin>set CATALINA_HOME=D:\yes-cart-demo
D:\yes-cart-demo\bin>catalina.bat start

To check your environment variables root set command on windows and env on linux

Installation process

Run installation with double click on Windows OS or use command line:

java -jar yes-cart-installer-X.X.X-yyyyyy.jar

Select your language, press ok ond follow installation instructions.

If you are do not have admin rights input different (than default) installation paths. Check write permission for selected directory.

Select component, which you want to install.

If you are not sure just select all

Provide web server configuration.

If you are unsure what they are leave them as is and press next

Create shortcuts for more convinient start and stop procedures

Start Yes-Cart

Use "Start Yes-Cart sever" to run Yes-Cart. It opens two windows:

  • Derby data base
  • Tomcat web server
In Tomcat window you will find something like INFO: Server startup in XXX ms when the start up is completed and server is ready to use

Open demo store admin

Use appropriate icon or open YUM http://localhost:8080/yes-manager

Default login and password are:  /  1234567

Open storefront

After that open storefront using icon or url http://localhost:8080/yes-shop/

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