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This is documentation for YC v.2.x.x - We have a newer version of [YC 3.x.x] bursting with even more cool stuff!

Welcome to YesCart wiki page.

So what is YesCart?

YesCart is an open source Apache v 2.0 licensed e-commerce platform. It offers all the latest e-commerce functionality such as: PIM (product information management), Catalog management, Inventory and Price lists management, Merchandising, Storefront (the actual front end) management, Import/Export, Customers and Order management, Reporting and many other features. Here is a quick overview of how it works.


We also have a White paper that gives an overview of the platform, its goals and technical background.

Download free installation


We are dedicated to provide platform that allows you achieve maximum throughput from using minimal resources. Just have a look at our performance test article that shows what exactly we mean.

How much it is?

It is absolutely free to use - just checkout the project from the svn and get wild.

What is the project status at the moment?

We released version 1.0.0 in February 2013 and have been actively developing the projects ever since.

The project is in active development state and our team continues to bring amazing new features and improvements. You can review current state of events in our jira http://www.inspire-software.com/jira/browse/YC. All feature requests are welcome. If you have an emergency and need to contact us directly please use contact form on official YC site: http://www.yes-cart.org/

How can you get started?

The best way is to checkout the project from the svn and have a play with it. Basic installation guide is here. There is also an all in one installer, and some instructions how to build your own demo from source.

Have questions or would like to participate?

You can get in touch with us using contact form on official YC site: http://www.yes-cart.org/ or post an question to our google group.


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